Collection: "Golden Age of Mexican Photography" © TM

The "Golden Age of Mexican Photography" © is a rare and unique, black & white, large and medium format photographic collection from 1930-1950s Tepatitlan de Morelos, San Miguel El Alto, Jalisco & Tijuana, Mexico, taken by my great uncle,  Samuel Gutierrez (1905-1958), 'Foto Estudio Paris' and my father, Herminio Lopez (1924-1994), 'Foto Estudio Viena', during Mexico's Golden Age of cinema.

Third-generation black and white film photographer.

In 2000, while in the middle of film school, I received a call from my sister telling me that our great-aunt Celia, my father's aunt, had arrived in Tijuana, B.C., to stay with our dad's sister, Margarita. Being in documentary film mode I jumped at the chance, and got into my car, along with a fellow budding documentary filmmaker and a niece, and drove to Tijuana to interview my then eighty-six-year-old great-aunt Celia on the history of our family. It was during that interview that the subject of film photography came up in the form of an old folder containing over a hundred black and white, medium and large format positives and negatives dating back to 1910. What I thought would be a simple video interview unsuspectingly turned into a treasure-trove show-and-tell. I learned more about the history of my family than I ever would have imagined. I learned that my great-aunt Celia married her husband, a budding photographer with his photo studio, "Foto Estudio Gutierrez", at the age of fourteen in 1931, and that they had invited my would-be father to visit them, teaching him the b/w film photo business, introducing him to my would-be mother, and helping him establish his studio, "Foto Estudio Viena", all of this taking place in Tepatitlan de Morelos, located in Los Altos (highlands) of Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of tequila and mariachi!

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