I grew up the youngest of eight kids n Venice, Cali—the Venice of America, the Coney Island of the Pacific, the Ghetto by the Sea—in the 70s after mi familia moved there from Jalisco, Mexico via Tijuana in 1968. My family called it home, I called it my childhood: a magical time in a magical place where my whole famila, including our dogs Nicky & Frisky, lived under one roof.
*Growin' Up VENICE, Barrio Wear" ® is dedicated to the development of an original series based on my childhood memories, anecdotes, and my father's photography that captures the zeitgeist. The series explores the days before, during, and aftermath surrounding a strange and fateful event which leaves behind more questions than answers. It is a love letter to my parents, to Venice, and to those of us who had the unique and incredible privilege of having grown up and raised in the REAL Venice before it became the sterile, colonized, plastic environment that it is today. 

#GUVbarriowear is a promotional tool for this original, unique, and compelling show.
"Me and Baby Brother"
Miguel Lopez & Victor Lopez (me)
347 Flower Ct., Venice, c. 1969

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